A Broken Compass

Sooo the Israel Palestine issue has been the center of attention and there has been a lot of focus on the horrible state of the Palestinians including a parade of videos of innocent civilians being bombarded. I have to admit that I was outraged by the fact that so many civilians were being mercilessly killed. I too felt that it was more of a genocide than Israel defending itself. But, I’ve been reading a lot more into the conflict. I’ve seen a lot of anti-Israeli posts calling israelis monsters and inhumane. Then, I came across a number of articles with Israel’s point of view and others describing history of the conflict. I’m not saying that israel is in the right but I think people should consider both sides before deeming this a genocide or labeling Israel as an evil overpowering country.

by all means Israel has the right to defend itself. It does NOT, however, have the right to totally obliterate Gaza.